How old do I have to be?


From the Age of 8

We are able to pierce Childrens Ear Lobes from the age of 8, consent is needed form a parent/legal guardian (I.D. needed)

Aged 14-16?

Piercing is limited to earwork, consent is needed form a parent/legal guardian (I.D. needed)



Aged 16-18?

We can perform most piercings (excluding surface piercings and intimate areas including Nipples)

Aged 18 or over?

Just remember valid photo I.D. (its difficult these days) 



Note: Parent or legal Guardian is not a Brother/Sister, Friend, Friends parent, or Aunt/Uncle. Parents also needs I.D.

What do I need before getting pierced?

  • Bring Valid photo identification just in case. You may think you look old enough but its difficult to tell these days!

  • Be completely sober, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Have eaten within 4 hours prior to the procedure.

  • If possible, avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinning medication.

  • Have addressed potential health issues such as skin conditions, illnesses (anything that may affect healing)

  • When necessary have your hair tied back or to the side away from the piercing site. 

  • Not be pregnant or haven given birth within the last three months or actively Breast feeding.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We welcome Appointments and Walk-ins, Appointments take priority and require a Deposit. Click here to Book online, you can also book in person by visiting us (we are no longer able to take appointments over the phone).

Cant make during normal opening hours?

Thats okay, we understand that life is busy, we take late night piercing appointments which can be booked here.

What type of jewellery do you use?

All the jewellery we use for initial piercings are made from highly polished implant grade materials, which are compliant with the Nickel act. 

I cant change my jewellery, can you help?

Of course, there is normally a small fee to cover the cost of gloves etc.

Do you have piercing aftercare?

We stock NeilMed Sterile saline aftercare and we will advise you on how to look after your new piercing, we also give you a paper brochure with all your aftercare instructions, don't you worry. You and your piercing will have all the support you need throughout your journey.

I am Pregnant can I get a piercing?

During the course of your pregnancy, it is best to let your body concentrate on the complex process it is dealing with, and to let your body fully recover for 3 months afterwards.

What Piercings do you do?

We offer most piercings, the 6 most common piercings we do are Daith piercing, Helix piercing, Lobe piercings, Nose piercing, Septum piercing, Nipple Piercing. You can see our price and booking guide here. The price list is separated into Ear Piercings, Facial Piercings and Body Piercings.

How much does it cost?

Our price list can be found here, if something you want is not listed, please contact us.

Can I pay by Card?

Simply yes!

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